We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in both the projects that we deliver and in the way that we do business.

With every project that we undertake we perform an environmental analysis to ascertain how the project may be delivered in the most sustainable way possible, including via the use of materials, resources and the techniques that we employ when delivering our services. We actively engage with our supply chain to ensure we use contractors and other third parties who utilise sustainable practices. We also engage with our clients in order to help them in reducing operational energy use and advise on how more sustainable buildings management can be achieved.

We are mindful of our environmental impact within our own office and have systems in place to maximise efficiencies in waste and water management. Materials used within the company including paper and other consumables are recycled wherever practicable. We are an accredited ISO 14001 organisation and have committed to becoming a carbon net zero business by 2040.


Equality and fairness are at the heart of what we do, treating our staff, our customers, suppliers and clients with openess, flexibility and respect.

We strive to ensure that all of our working practices are safe and engage a full time health and safety officer to monitor working practices both in the office and on-site. Our systems are kept secure, with investment in the latest technologies to ensure efficient data exchange and to secure customer data.

We are committed to preventing abuses within the supply chain, including labour rights, and have in place modern slavery and freedom of association policies.

Our staff are our greatest asset, so we are commited to continued personal development and provide ongoing training and upskilling initiatives. Employee health and wellbeing are also important, so we offer flexible working opportunities, free gym membership, a buddy system and offer mental wellbeing support. This goes hand in hand with our equal opportunities policy and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

As a company which impacts on all kinds of community spaces in the work that we do, we also like to invest in our own local community, getting involved in local community projects, such as funding educational initiatives, as well as encouraging staff to become involved in the local community.


Good governance within our business has helped us to grow so far, so a continued focus on being open, transparent and ethical with our clients, supply chain and staff is simply good business.

We are comitted to open communication and collaborative working techniques with everyone we work with and operate a no-blame culture which helps nurture a learning organisation. Our management team lead from the top and are accountable for risk, performance management and staff wellbeing. An open culture means that we share accurate reporting to relevant stakeholders on financial performance, business strategy and operations. We strive to employ a diverse mixture of people with different skills, experience, ethnicity and culture at every level to promote ideas exchange and out of the box thinking.


Outstanding property and infrastructure support services delivered with a commitment to service, innovation, people and action.